Discipleship Training

Prosperity messages, miracles seeking congregants, particularly in Nigeria is failing today's church. The Church today is weakening to provide Christians with attitudes to living that keep them going and developing in spiritual relationship with God. A balanced pathway of growth, changing the mind and heart in order to change the outer actions - keeps us from the deadly trap of self-deception in which we believe, but do not grow, in Christ.

Training is not just another word for discipleship. Discipleship places the emphases on our spiritual growth, learning the Word and the disciplines and doctrines of the faith, which is paramount for all Christians. Training is the growth and learning in the area of a task that needs to be accomplished in the church to further the kingdom of God, such as a program, service or need.

So, how do I recruit disciplers? The best way to catch new people into your Bible Study is for you and your members to invite their friends. Advertising creates awareness, personal invitation creates participation!

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